CareerDestiny has a long history of taking complex business issues and simplifying them into experiential learning components that build to ultimate performance on the job. Our clients depend on us to break the traditional barriers of training and provide an experience that parallels the real workplace. Coaching when used to support basic training leads to 83% high productivity.

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Myers-Briggs  Workshop

Many of our programs incorporate the application of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment - a powerful self-analysis tool that draws out individual personality preferences. The knowledge from this tool helps organizations break down communication barriers to improve leadership and communications skills at every level.

  • Overview  The use of MBTI in Management Essentials
  • PowerPoint Slides  Slides covering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  preferences.

Legacy Leadership  Case Study

The Legacy Leadership Institute and Certification Program were designed by CareerDestiny  for Coachworks International.  This is a unique and highly interactive 4-day institute that promotes learning the five Best Practices of Leadership and provides the tools for leaders to build a legacy of leadership within their organization.

Management Essentials  - Feedback Module

Management Essentials is a series of modules to instill basic management skills and processes with new managers.

  • Overview  Management Essentials  - Providing Effective Feedback.
  • PowerPoint Slides  Selected slides from the Providing Effective Feedback module.

CareerPatterns  Game board

The CareerPatterns game board is a key tool used in CareerDestiny's CAREERCanvas  Workshop. This two day workshop offers a step-by-step process to define your ideal career in terms of core values, in-born personality, career and life patterns, skills and interests.

The Coaching Clinic 

The Coaching Clinic and "Train The Trainer" was designed by CareerDestiny  for Corporate CoachU International.  The two-day Coaching Clinic is for Leaders, Managers and Coaches wanting to grow their coaching skills and adopt a five-step a model for engaging in a coaching conversation within their organization.

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