Abstract: Powerful leadership has always been a necessary ingredient for sustained business growth, a motivated work force and as a catalyst for transformation. Now, more than ever, inspired leadership is critical for leaders at every level in any organization to propel us all through the 21st century. What sets Legacy Leadership apart from traditional programs is its unique focus on leaders growing other leaders to create a true and abiding Legacy. Through the experiential learning of the 5 Best Practices, leaders will not only experience the impact of Legacy Leadership first hand, but will also be living the Legacy by teaching other Leaders these key concepts to strengthen agility and marketplace responsiveness.

The tried and true principles of Legacy Leadership will be learned where most needed at the heart of business application with practical exercises. Valuable tools and resources will be supported with action learning and personal reflection and commitment. You will leave this Institute with a vision and a development plan to create your own Legacy!

What You Will Learn: At the end of this Institute you will be able to:

  • Describe for others the Business Case for integrating Legacy Leadership into the fabric of all interactions and offerings.

  • Identify and practice teaching the key competencies and behaviors associated with each of the 5 Best Practices:

    • Holder of Vision and Values

    • Creator of Collaboration and Innovation

    • Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership

    • Advocator of Differences and Community

    • Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability

  • Demonstrate the use of the Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory (LLCI) as a tool to aid others in developing competencies in other Leaders.

  • Explain your own concrete action plan to inspire, equip, gain commitment for and grow Legacy Leaders in all walks of life.

  • List the linkages between Legacy Leadership principles and positive business results to create the business imperative for pervasive Legacy Leadership in the marketplace.

Audience: Leaders and managers at any level wanting to grow other leaders.

Prerequisites: None

Materials: You will receive a Legacy Leadership Field Guide, a personal benchmark of your own Legacy Leadership competencies via the Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory and a completed Development Plan for immediate implementation.

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