Corporate Alliance

CareerDestiny Corp. provides
            full coaching programs for your organization.
                        Coaching services for CEO's right through to your staff professionals are
                                    customized to support the objectives of each organization.

Grow YOU and your BUSINESS.
  • For Executives and Managers who want profound results this year.

  • Designed to enhance your ability to manage people, ideas, projects and money.

  • Strengthens personal impact, supports communicating with your vision, provides access to a sounding board and more...

  • Answers the questions: How can I become more effective? or How can I drive higher results?

  • Develops your Leadership, Vision and your Achievements.


  • Coach Interviews and Selection: Each coachee will be interviewed to determine the type of Coach and coaching interaction that best suits their personality and working style. The coachee will be offered the profiles of up to three potential Coaches from which to make their selection.

  • Coaching Sessions: Typically, the Coachee and the Coach meet three times a month for a 30 or 45-minute telephone session. However, each Coachee can select the amount of time they wish to work with their Coach each month. During these sessions, the Coachee will work on their goals and develop actions plans to quickly address growth areas. The critical role of a Coach is to: ensure clarity and focus on the client goals, acknowledge the client's success and foster the discovery of other options/actions/opportunities that are available to them. The Coach will hold each Coachee accountable for their participation.

  • Coachee-Coach Feedback and Monitoring: At strategic times throughout the relationship a third-party survey will be conducted to measure the progress and satisfaction level of the relationship. Typically these telephone surveys are completed at the end of the 1st, 3rd and 9th month of the Coaching relationship. Should a concern arise during the survey process, a Senior CareerDestiny Coach will be assigned to work with the Coachee-Coach team to resolve the issue.

  • Psychotherapist Support or Intervention: The coaching relationship is not designed to be therapy or psychological counseling. It will be the responsibility of both the Coachee and the Coach to determine if counseling is required. If counseling is recommended, CareerDestiny can arrange for the Coachee to meet with a practicing Psychotherapist, who is also familiar with the specific program, its intent, language and tools being used in the coaching relationship. The Psychotherapist will make an assessment and recommend the appropriate action.

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