Do you ever ask these questions?
  • What is the right career and lifestyle for me?

  • What am I good at?

  • What do I want to do?

  • Is there someplace to get career assessments and tools?

  • How do I write a resume or biography that will get me the interview?

  • If 70% of the jobs are not listed anywhere, how do I find the one for me?

  • How can I make sure the interview will go well?

Then a Career Coach will help you FIND THE ANSWERS.


Career Canvas:

What if you could discover the things you really love to do, suit your personality and fit with your core value system? What if you could take all of these discoveries and design a career to pull them all together? Career Canvas© is the highly interactive environment to make these revelations not only possible, but easily achievable. By gaining a deeper understanding of your inborn personality traits using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© (MBTI) instrument, self-analysis of your skills, interests, accomplishments and values, you will learn how to take what is like "falling off a log" for you and turning it into your ideal career. This unique two-day program will leave you focused and clear on YOUR criteria for career success and the tangible plan to execute immediately.

Career Directions Coaching:

Do you wake up every morning enthusiastic to start your work day? Do you feel you are in the "right" job for you? Chances are that like millions of others, you are not thriving in your current job, but merely surviving. CareerDestiny can help you to take your interests and passion in life and turn them into a career that you will love. Industry leading assessments like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), True Colors© and DISC Personal Profile System© are interpreted by qualified practitioners to give you added insights into your personality, aptitudes and your best work environment.

Resume Editing:

There are lots of books, courses and seminars on how to create that perfect resume, biography or cover letter. But how do you put it all together? CareerDestiny will provide those "fresh pair of eyes" to your materials to help bring out your best features and give you guidance on how to minimize those "holes." A comprehensive analysis of your resume or BIO, including strengths and insights on how to sell yourself on paper in your chosen marketplace is your start to that ideal job. Three edited versions as well as a valuable job aid - the Resume Writing Guide are also part of the service.

Job Search Techniques:

COMPLETE PACKAGE! "Resume Edits + Interview Training + 5 hours of Coaching" This complete package gets around the problem that over 70% of the open opportunities are not advertised. Working with your Coach you will polish up your resume, practice for interview and learn the most effective ways to leverage key job search techniques such as; Growing your Network, Tracking your contacts and how to follow-up effectively, Looking for advertised jobs that suit you, Developing Networking letters or events, Tips on using the phone and getting past voice mail.

Interview Readiness Training:

Ensuring that your first impression will be a lasting one is the goal of this program. Together we will package your career information into sound bites that will allow you to describe who you are and what you can bring to the potential employer in first two minutes of the interview. Through role plays and candid feedback, you will grow your confidence and selling abilities to ensure your resume stays on top of the pile. Through four different types of interviews - unstructured, panel, structured and behavioral - your readiness is assured. You will be trained to use a five-step process that is not only powerful in an interview but vital for networking as well. Services are offered as a series of one hour tele-coaching sessions. Plan on three or four sessions to master all the techniques.


"Merv believes in his clients and understands how finding their passion will help them move to their next level of success. He brings over twenty-years of experience in Career Management, Business Management and Training to his coaching. Above all, he listens."

"Merv and I have been working together in a coaching relationship since October 2000. During that time he has empowered me to define and reach some significant milestones in my life and has partnered with me through some rather intense business decisions!"


Career Coaching - Three 1/2 hour calls per month .... $350/month
Resume Editing - Resume Guide and one hour consultation ... $250, Additional edits are $75/hour
Job Search Techniques - Resume Editing + Interview practice + 5 hours of Career Coaching ... $1245 complete
Interview Readiness - Training and Practice (up to four sessions) ... $175/session

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