Serving clients since 1996, CareerDestiny Unlimited offers coaching services, Career Management and Leadership Development to individuals wanting personal success and to organizations needing to achieve greater results. Home-based businesses can learn how to grow business quickly and get past those inevitable hurdles and "stuck" points. Any size business can improve their profitability or customer satisfaction results by investing in targeted leadership programs. Our keynote Speaker Series can bring these messages to wider audiences.

CareerDestiny believes in a simple philosophy - people first, lasting results. Many companies say that people are their greatest resource but is this always backed by the right programs, training and support? Today's business pressures are intense - stiff competition, technology explosions and even millennium concerns. The old adage of continuous productivity has a breaking point and when reached, cannot be stretched any further. New ways of looking at training and coaching can take your business to the next level of success.

When the going gets tough, companies need loyal employees. Employees who will go that extra mile, work that double shift or just stay connected to company goals. Practical experience has shown that loyal employees produce more, stay longer and tell others how well their company has treated them. According to Business Week Magazine, " among employees who say their company offers poor training, 41% plan to leave within a year. " And there is quite a cost to this turnover. "The average cost of losing a typical worker is $50,000. "

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